Krysti Keener is a Brooklyn-based self-taught photographer. Always a natural wanderer, Keener has in the last several years documented her days walking or biking around New York City and elsewhere. A natural introvert who still craves company, Krysti’s perspective on life is extreme, and often in conflict. In her images she is drawn to the harmony of opposites:  softness and hardness, lightness and darkness, symmetry and asymmetry, privacy and publicness. This aspect of her photography compelled Krysti to start a project called Places to Kiss You. It is a story of people, and where they’ve found intimacy in very public places. In this series of photographs, narrated by the person or couple themselves, we re-imagine everyday places through the lens of romance. Places to Kiss You™ is Keener’s first major photography project. Prior to turning to full-time photography, Keener worked in the fashion and apparel industry. It was there she became heavily influenced by color, print, pattern and graphic design. Keener has a dual MBA from Columbia University and University of California, Berkeley.