What is Places to Kiss You?

A week long photographic story of you, or you and your love, and where you want to kiss someone, or each other in the city you call home.

I was inspired one day to send a “meeting planner” to kiss someone.  I told the person I was going to send 500 meeting planners of “Kissing” and that I was going to make my list of Places to Kiss You and asked the person to make the same list. Within hours I fell in love with this idea and photographically documenting Places to Kiss You™.  I realized I wanted to tell more than my story, and I wanted to tell a global story of Places to Kiss You.  A photographic story of sweetness, romance, love and kissing all around your city in the places that mean the most to you, or the two of you.  

Places to Kiss You™ further defined: 

This project is about using a picture to romanticize a "place" through a "kiss" and capturing the "places" that inspire you to "kiss" each other.  The story becomes the caption for the photograph and suddenly the place has new meaning.  This project is less about the kiss and all about changing the perspective of a place through the filter of romance.  This is a project to inspire people to kiss, to think about kissing, to share the place they want to kiss the other person.  It is a project to stir passion and discover the romance in everyday places through kissing.  These stories bring back memories of kisses and create new dreams of kissing.  Sharing these stories with other people brings new beauty to places, and there is a newfound sense of nostalgia and sweetness created as people see "the place" through your story.  The places become dearer to you and those who read your stories.  I hope this project propels the world to kiss more and see the romantic beauty in the places people live and love.

"I would kiss you under this tree because the light and the leaf colors made the area under the tree look like you were in an outdoor natural light show. And I love that it looks like there is a heart in this tree."