I'd kiss you here because....  It was a foggy morning, but it cleared up so we decide to ride out to Coney.  It was winter after all, yet unseasonably warm.  Ever so slowly we became engulfed in fog.  It didn't matter it was our favorite beach like we have never seen it.  Completely dreamy.  We walked the entire boardwalk.  So mystically magical.  We kissed here.  Your favorite spot of the day.  
 I'd kiss you here because...  Manifesto.  Late lunch plans.  Irresistible Central Park,  Snowy grey wonderland.  Berries, pop of color,  breathtaking in a sea of grey.  We kissed.  Like that.
 I'd kiss you here because....  It's the two-year anniversary of "places to kiss you".  I launched my webstie with a picture from a snow walk in Brooklyn Bridge Park and a guy was set-up for a proposal with pink candles in the snow.  This park has been the core of my creative processing.  No better way to honor this project than with a different picture of the same park, in the snow!  I would kiss you forever in this park, on that bench in front of Jane's Carousel, because of all that you inspire and all that bench has let me process.  In honor of the two years of this project, go kiss someone like you mean it!  
 I'd kiss you here because....  It was right before I left on my trip.  I took a walk in my favorite neighborhood park where I walk and think endlessly.  My mind was swirling with thoughts of you, what was ahead, what I was leaving behind, and how my trip (with a very open itinerary) would evolve.  This picture embodies the joy, elation and excitement that I felt of the summer ahead, the known and the vast unknown, curious about what was to develop.  I went to see this art installation by Jeppe Hein one last time before I left.  I would have kissed you there in that light and said:  I'll see you when I get back.  Little did I know.  
 I'd kiss you here because....  I sent this to you.  On the eve of Valentine's Day, you sent me a picture with words about tears.  I thought you were sad.  You explained a bit, and said, you still kinda loved tears.  Later I would tell you, you can love whatever your heart desires, I just didn't want you to be sad.  Since then, I have thought about tears, and that there are very beautiful tears.  This is one of them, and so, of course I sent it to you.  It will not end in tears, just kisses.  But...I would kiss your tears if you ever cried.  
 I'd kiss you here because...  I don't know who likes flowers more, me or you.  Paris flower shops are magical and dreamy.  Enough to make you stop in your tracks and kiss, only confirming why you love Paris.    
 I'd kiss you here because....  We went to my childhood home for a weekend.  We had some free time, so I took you on a drive around to see some of my favorite places.  We came here because you know how much my childhood bike rides meant to me.  Those rides have everything to do with why I ride bike today.  In the summer this field is tall with corn on both sides.  There is a 90 degree turn, the corn hiding the oncoming cars. It's the country version of a tunnel.  When I was a kid, I would ride here, lay down in the middle of the road and squeal as cars would come around the corner.  We would hop up and pretend nothing was going on when the cars would pass us standing by our bikes.  HAHAHA!  Super cheap thrills.  We pulled over, I insisted.  No cars to be seen. We laid down in the middle of the road, when are we ever doing that again?  Not soon enough.  We kissed too.  Fun drive. 
 I'd kiss you here because...  We finally got the storm we had hoped for.  It was a real snow day.  It was very, very windy, but we love an adventure, so, out we went.  We made fresh snow tracks, took an abbreviated version of our "park walk" and headed for some hot chocolate and breakfast at the coffee shop in the neighborhood.  We kissed a bunch of times mostly because of the adrenalin rush we had from maneuvering the snowy winds.  You know that feeling when you realize you were more alone than normal, in whipping wind and freezing cold, you are sweating from the walk and you walk into the cozy coffee shop?  It's like "you made it" and you are all giddy from the adventure.  Yea, we kissed.  It was a good, good morning.    
 I'd kiss you here because...  We were walking back from the store in the neighborhood.  I saw this and almost yelled - LOOK!  How could we not just walk on over there and ask someone to take a pic of us smooching in the middle of the heart?   It's too cute.  That little tape heart on that truck was adorable.  I made you come around to the other side to see if there was something else there.  Another heart - of course.  We kissed, in the middle of both hearts.  
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Nolita Bench.jpg
 I'd kiss you here because....  I was walking in the Brooklyn Bridge Park and I saw these lights and kept walking towards them trying to figure out what they were.  It was snowing and late in the day, very few people were out.  It was a perfect day in the park.  As I approached I realized this was a heart with rose petals.  Then I saw a man.  I asked him if he knew what this was and he said: "I'm proposing."  Heart explode.  Perfect place to kiss you.